Use Plotly to create interactive maps to display your data.

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What is geographical plotting?

Geographical plotting is a method of displaying data on a global scale as well as for states of a country, often in a colorful manner. It plays a significant role in data analysis and visualization. It is commonly used while building dashboards to present widespread data.

Learn what multithreading and multiprocessing are and the difference between them

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  • Multithreading is a technique wherein several threads are generated by a process to do separate tasks, simultaneously, just consecutively. This gives you the idea that the threads are running in parallel, however they are actually running in a side by side manner. The Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) in Python programming language intercepts the threads from running simultaneously.
  • Multiprocessing is a technique wherein parallelism is achieved. Multiple processes are running simultaneously across multiple CPU, that do not share the resources among them. Each process can have many threads. These threads run in their own memory space.

Consider the following programs for…

Learn how to create basic charts in Tableau

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What is tableau?

Tableau is an end-to-end, powerful, secure, flexible, interactive visual analytics software that is used in Business Intelligence industries. It is transforming the way we use data to discover and resolve problems. It is known to be one of the fastest growing data visualization platforms. What it essentially does is, it converts raw data into an intelligible visualization that many individuals and organizations use for analysis of problems and decision making.

Why should you use tableau?

  • Firstly, performing data analysis using Tableau is a quick and convenient process.
  • It’s visualizations are easy to comprehend. …

Understand the basics of Plotly and visualize your data with interactive plots

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Plotly is one of the leading data visualization libraries for Python. It consists of unique functionalities and ships with over 30 chart types including scientific charts, 3D charts, statistical charts, and more. It contains a great API including one for Python. It also has contour plots, which is not very common in other libraries.

conda install plotly
conda install pandas
conda install numpy

Using pip:

pip install plotly
pip install…

Create attractive, intriguing charts using Python libraries.

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Seaborn is a powerful Python library which was created for enhancing data visualizations. It provides a large number of high-level interfaces to Matplotlib. Seaborn works well with dataframes while Matplotlib doesn’t. It lets you plot striking charts in a much simpler way.

  1. Pandas for data analysis
  2. Visualizations with Matplotlib

Make sure you have the necessary libraries installed in your system:

conda install pandas
conda install matplotlib
conda install seaborn…

Learn how to visualize data using the Python library, matplotlib

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Matplotlib is a very powerful data visualization library if you want to plot data with Python. The most used module is ‘pyplot’ which provides a collection of functions that lets you easily plot out data.


Using conda:

conda install matplotlib

Using pip:

pip install matplotlib

As a prerequisite, you must have the basic knowledge of what Python dictionaries and lists are, as well as features and functions of Python’s Numpy library.

Simple line graph

Import the necessary modules.

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

Simple line graphs are the most commonly plotted graphs and are generally used to plot data that…

Learn how to use pandas, the python package to analyze your data easily.

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Pandas, the python package provides speedy, flexible and expressive data structures designed to make working with data easy and is an open source data analysis and manipulation tool. It’s fundamental for doing practical data analysis in Python.

conda install pandas

Using pip:

pip install pandas


Learn the basics of NumPy under 5 minutes

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Over the course of this article, we shall learn the various features and functions of the Python library, NumPy

Learn how to take customer engagement to a new level.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. AI is a wide-ranging branch of computer science. It is concerned with building intelligent machines that have the ability of performing tasks that usually require human intelligence. It is an interdisciplinary science with a myriad of approaches, but advancements in machine learning and deep learning are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the tech industry.

Find out what you need for data analysis or visualization.

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After publishing my previous article on data visualization with Power BI, I received quite a few questions about the abilities of Power BI as opposed to those of Tableau or Excel. Data, when used correctly, can turn into digital gold. So what must you, as an individual or organization, use to analyze and visualize your data? Keep reading to find out.

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